About Us

East Coast Underground LLC, located in beautiful Bridgeport, West Virginia, is a “Woman Owned Small Business” (WOSB). The company was founded in 2005 by Richard P. Domas, a U.S. Military Veteran who proudly served his country for over 8 years, domestic and overseas. After his honorable release from service, he used his special skills he acquired during his military service to start his own business (his dream) – East Coast Underground LLC, which specializes in Directional Drilling and Auger Boring with an expertise for projects involving high concentration of rocks.  The business quickly became known in this region as the leader for directional drilling and complex boring projects and is known for setting the standard for on-time high-quality work and high competence for this industry. Rich Domas became well known for often expressing his expectations, that “We do not just meet the Standard; we are setting the Standard.” Today, the company is fully owned and lead by his wife Mrs. Kristen N Domas (CEO).

East Coast Underground has over 60 years of combined Drilling and Auger Boring experience. Over the last fifteen years, the company has developed a DEDICATED team of highly skilled operators and drilling experts. East Coast Underground is proud of its extensive fleet of state-of-the-art heavy equipment and directional drills that range in size from 10,000 to 240,000 pound in pull back rigs. 

The company owns all the supporting equipment necessary for its drilling and boring projects, including excavators in the 4,000 to 80,000-pound range, vacuum trucks and trailers, water tanks, dozers, locating equipment, and the pipe fusion equipment to work from 1” to 36” in diameter. 

The company also performs auger boring up to including 48” diameter. We are experienced in oil or gas well reclamation, pipeline installation, water hauling and equipment transportation.

All East Coast Underground field technicians and are qualified Fusion Technicians and are OHSA trained and the safe and proper operation of all our equipment. We have ZERO lost time for work related injuries and have implemented the current safety and operational training programs required, which are reviewed and updated annually. 

We also carry an ”A” rating in ISNET-WORLD and qualify for the RAVES PLUS Contractor Program.  East Coast Underground is a drug free workplace with a zero-tolerance policy. 

Veterans had a special place in Rich’s heart. East Coast Underground is proudly a Veteran operated company and welcomes with preference Veteran employees.

Our History

Mr. Richard P Domas Jr., a Military Veteran served his country in the Army for 8 years. After an honorable release he then joined the Fritz-Rumer-Cooke Company as drilling operator where he fine-tuned his skills and decided to go after his dream, to have his own company. In 2005 Richard made his American dream come true and started his directional drilling company called – East Coast Underground LLC.  

Rich with Kristen (George) Domas, his loving wife and current CEO of East Coast Underground, wanted to start a company of their own that is based on the highest value standards and integrity, and a second to none attitude of excellence.

During the last sixteen years, East Coast Underground has been drilling for companies in multiple states such as Antero, Mark West, Range Resources, Mountaineer, Dominion E & P, Crestwood, and others. ECU utilized its directional drilling techniques to install fiber for TELCO companies and . ECU also directionally drilled and installed utilities vital for airports, railroads, and other strategic infrastructure installations. We continue to grow and expand our business across the state of West Virginia and beyond, with running new utilities to rural southern parts of the state and helping West Virginia become energy independent.