Management Team

Photo of Kristen N. Domas
Kristen N. Domas
Chief Executive Officer

Kristen Domas, a native to West Virginia, holds a B.S. degree in Engineering from Fairmont State University. She was named CEO on December 1, 2019.

Her professional business background and experiences as an engineer includes working for Dominion Exploration and Production, where she was involved with analytical planning and projections, as well as project management for drilling wells and exploration sites. She later became a consultant for Dominion Transmission working with the services business. Having been Rich’s partner in life and in business, working closely with him building up this business, she is very familiar with this industry and has experienced first-hand the highs and lows associated with the formation of a business like East Coast Underground, LLC.

Kristen is an avid member of the community where she contributes to local charities and organizations.  She is also a member of the West Virginia Oil & Gas Association.

Photo of Dennis Pritts
Dennis Pritts
President/Chief Operating Officer

Dennis (Denny) Pritts, a well-known professional in this industry and region, was named President and Chief Operations Officer on December 1, 2019. Dennis joined East Coast Underground in April of 2009 as Rich Domas’ trusted second-in-command, advising him on all matters of business. He was initially involved in preparing the business for growth.  As the company progressed, he was promoted to General Manager in 2015, managing all field operations and administrative resources for East Coast Underground LLC and other REAMCO Holding companies.

Having started from humble beginnings in agriculture and manufacturing, he started his professional career in commercial insurance lines specializing in Workers Compensation, General Liability and Excess Liability Insurance.  Dennis advanced from Trainee to Sr. Energy Premium Adjustment Auditor and was then promoted to Worker’s Compensation Claims Adjuster through Worker’s Compensation Claims Supervisor, developing extensive experience in traumatic, occupational disease and hearing loss claims. Additionally, he obtained his B.S. Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in General Management. He continued by gaining additional experiences in areas of Restaurant Management, Auto Dealership Services and Independent Auditing.

Photo of Joseph Oliverio
Joseph Oliverio
Business Development Manager

Joseph Oliverio was named Business Development Manager in July of 2019. He joined East Coast Underground to assist the executive management team with biz-dev projects.  Joseph was a Combat Veteran who has 9 honorable years of military service. Joseph was a Staff Sergeant that deployed to Iraq during “Iraqi Freedom”, Afghanistan for “Global War on Terrorism”, and “peace keeping missions” to Korea.  During his time in the Military Joseph attended multiple military leadership schools as well as worked closely with multiple million-dollar aircraft such as the Blackhawk and Apache. Upon leaving the Service Joseph worked as an oil and gas abstractor for a law firm while attending college. Joseph graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Fairmont State University with honors. He also received his commercial pilots license from aviation flight program where he later became a flight instructor for Fairmont State University. Joseph then went on to receive his type-rating in a Citation Jet from CAE where he worked and as a Pilot for Mountain Air Services LLC and continues to fly for them.

Joseph Professional experiences include eight years of Oil and Gas work from title work to negotiating land and mineral agreements, Joseph worked for EQT as a contract landman since 2014 where he bought Right of Ways, or Surface agreements for Drilling; and negotiated and leased the minerals rights. He is a member of the MLBC Chapter of American Association of Professional Landmen. Joseph also owns Revitalize Health Spa, a small business in Bridgeport WV.

Joseph is also a member of the “Humble Heroes Foundation” a nonprofit charitable organization founded to provide financial assistance to Military Veterans and family.

Photo of Rezin Hudkins III
Rezin Hudkins III
Director of Training and Compliance Officer

Rezin Hudkins joined East Coast Underground on July of 2019. He heads the company’s Safety and Compliance program, which includes safety training. He is a certified instructor from McElroy University on Advance HPDE Pipe Fusion, with small, mid-range, large diameter, and fusion inspection qualifications. He has worked for various companies in that capacity.  He is OSHA and Safeland certified and is well known as one of the top capacity in his field in the mid-Atlantic region. Rezin is also a Proctor and Trainer and Evaluator and Industrial Solutions, and the only certified “McELROY” Instructor Level 3 east of the Mississippi River.

His Licenses and Certifications include:

McElroy Certified Instructor Level III; OSHA 30HR; OQ 101 Small Diameter Operator Qualification/ Instructor; OQ 201 MEDIUM DIAMETER OPERATOR QUALIFICATION/Instructor; OQ 301 LARGE DIAMETER OPERATOR QUALIFICATION/Instructor; Procore Certified; OQ 401 Fusion Inspector Qualification/Instructor.

Photo of Duane Lister
Duane Lister
Field Superintendent Gas Services

Duane Lister joined East Coast Underground in August of 2019 and was appointed to Field Superintendent in September of 2019. Duane is a Military Combat Veteran and served his country honorably for 11 years in the Army and 4 years in the Navy. During his time in the military he was deployed to Operation “Deseret Storm”, Operation “Iraqi Freedom”, Operation “Jumpstart”, and various other overseas combat deployments. Once honorably discharged, he joined the private sector specializing in construction management and heavy equipment operations.  Duane worked most recently over 10 years for Dominion Energy WV as field operator and crew leader. His field operation experience includes construction and maintenance projects, as well as “Transmission” and “Gathering” projects. He brings fifteen plus years of experience for oil and gas. He is a proctor, trainer, and evaluator on individual training on Gas Services. He has also served as a Town Plant Representative for Dominion WV.

Duane is a member of the “Combat Veterans Association” and in his spare time he volunteers assisting combat veterans.

Photo of Tyler Harmon
Tyler Harmon
Drilling Superintendent

Tyler Harmon became Drilling Superintendent in April of 2018. He has been an invaluable contributor to the drilling team for over four years and instrumental for our field operations team. He brings over 16 years of drilling experience to our team and 12 years of oil and gas field experience. He is OQ and Fusion qualified. Tyler previously worked for Clear Path Utilities, drilling utility related projects. Tyler graduated in 2002 from an accredited Heavy Equipment and Natural Resources school.

Photo of Clint George
Clint George
Drilling Production Manager

Clint George joined East Coast Underground on July of 2008 and was appointed as part of the field operations team to Drilling Supervisor, managing a drilling team. During the 2013 down-turn of this industry, he went to work for Bear Construction as a crew foreman for various construction projects. As East Coast Underground experienced extensive growth and expanded its field operation, Clint returned to our company in July of 2018 to become a Team Supervisor for Drilling and Special Projects. Later in 2019, he was advanced to the position of Superintendent.  He was promoted to Drilling Production Manager in January of 2021.

Clint brings eight years of Drilling experience, thirteen years of Oil and Gas experience, with twelve years of heavy equipment operators experience. Clint is OSHA 30 safety qualified and graduated in 2006 from Ohio State University with a degree in Applied Science.